Hirudotherapy Alberta
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Hirudotherapy may provide solutions to health problems that can not be found elsewhere. The
substances that the leech provides improve local circulation. In fact there are over 1300 medical
patents on the leech saliva alone. Hirudotherapist’s have seen the positive effects on clients as soon
as 20 minutes, Leeches have been known to relive pain and restore tissue.

We specialize in the use of  custom herbal creams that has synergies with the leech saliva.
In some cases gastric issues can be resolved with one treatment.
We also do facial beauty treatments and repair damage.
Blemishes and skin damage can be repaired, this takes about 2 months for the regenerated cells to
make their way to the surface.
Muscular skeletal  injuries healing can be accelerated with leech therapy.
Leech therapy around Edmonton, driving
occasionally to Calgary
please e-mail us at
kevan@hirudotherapyalberta.com or call us at
We are not Medical Doctors and provide no medical advice.
We believe that serious medical conditions should always be referred to a
professional licenced medical personal.
Member of  
American Hirudotherapy Association
Note: If you can not afford the cost
of a plumber to unplug your toilet or
a electrician to fix your light, please stay
with free public health.