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Protein produced from hirudo medicinalis
Production of a recombinant factor xa inhibitor of leech hirudo medicinalis
Production of recombinant factor Xa inhibitor of leech Hirudo medicinalis
New blood-clot-dissolving proteins, and their preparation from the leech hirudo medicinalis
Bovine factor Xa inhibiting factor and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Inhibitor of collagen-stimulated platelet aggregation

Inhibitor of metalocarboxypeptidases as fibrinolytic agent
Platelet adhesion inhibitor
Hirudin-pa and derivatives thereof, process for the production a nd utilization thereof
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Hyaluronidase, isolation and pharmaceutical use thereof, and pharmaceutical and veterinary formulations containing it
Hirustasin, an antistasin type serine proteinase inhibitor from Hiruda
Use of extract of leeches as anti-bacterial agent

Biologically active extract from the leech 'Limnatis nilotica'
Novel polypeptide having factor xa inhibitory activity
Use of extract of leeches as anti-bacterial agent
Modified hirudin proteins and T-cell epitopes in hirudin
Platelet-aggregating inhibitory agents from leech saliva and pharmaceutical preparations containing the same
Functional DNA block and plasmid coding for hirudine, transformed yeast and process for the preparation of hirudine.
Hyaluronidase from the Hirudinaria manillensis isolation, purification and recombinant method of production
Use of extract of leeches' saliva as anti-bacterial agent for the manufacture of different compositons
Dna sequence encoding a hirudin-like protein and process for preparing such protein
Inhibitor of collagen-stimulated platelet aggregation
Method for preparing a hirudin
Anti-hirudin polyclonal antibodies and their use for the identification,  immunopurification and quantitative determination of hirudin
Factor xa inibitor from leech and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Thrombin inhibitors
Tryptase inhibitor
Antistasin type serine protease inhibitors
Protein for blocking platelet adhesion
Peptides having antimicrobial and neurotrophic activity and uses thereof
Method of treatment to inhibit metastasis
Chimeric hirudin proteins

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