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 Congratulations, you have choose to partake in one of the most exciting therapies of the 21 century. Although leeches have been used for thousands of years only in recent times has it been realized that the medicinal substances you will receive from the leech will greatly help your body. Your therapist has been trained to provide you the best care and monitor the process. Should any complications occur during session or if you ask the session will be immediately stopped.  For example  a allergic reaction, the therapist is trained to look for this, this reaction does not prevent you in the future from further therapy but your body will need about six weeks to adapt to the proteins that are involved. Some people in the western culture have difficulty with the concept of a medicinal delivery  by a living organism and  have a physiological  barrier, as trained therapists we understand.

 You have discussed by now the objectives of the therapy and the therapist will have made a plan as to how many leeches to use, where to use them and how long to leave the leech on. The therapy plan is adjusted on many factors, how accustom you are leech therapy, what the condition of your body is, are there specific risks to be avoided and the specific goals of the therapy. People new to leech therapy are not exposed to aggressive sessions, it is our goal to provide a positive experience that improves your well being. Some times an aggressive session can make you feel much worse, this is because the increased circulatory and metabolic effects release too many waste products that have been latent in the tissues of your body have been released too fast and stress and load your internal organs. You therapist has been trained to try to avoid this, this is also why some times we can not provide hirudotherapy.

 In your session the therapist will try to make you comfortable, answer any questions you have. The area or areas where the session is to take place will be checked and cleaned if needed. Leeches are living organisms and can be fussy about body orders and perfumes. Glove will be donned by the therapist and the leech will be placed in a controlled  action. The therapist avoids areas that will cause complications ie: surface veins, damaged skin. When the process begins you will fell a poke on your skin this is like a needle from a doctor or a insect bite. The leech provides a strong anesthetic, this will also make you feel melancholic or at rest. This anesthetic can last for a considerable time which is a God send for people suffering from pain, this natural pain killer will not reduce your mental function. Some people after a session want to sleep or rest this is normal, however your session will not directly effect your mind so you can not drive or operate equipment.

 The process can last from as little as 2 minutes too as long as 2 hours, but in general your therapist targets 20 to 45 minutes. The duration depends on the objective of the therapy, the condition of your body at the session location and how well the leech cooperated. In general you will only feel one bite from the leech however some locations are more sensitive on your body and some leeches feed more aggressively than others. The leech will either be filled and drop off or be removed by the therapist, this is decided  by the type of therapy and if there are other constraints ei: you need to go to the washroom or no longer have time to proceed longer.

 The therapist will do post care, the discharge will be examined, this tell the therapist about the condition of the skin in the session area and the condition of your body. For very important safety reasons the leech will be put down, it is bio-hazardous after it has done its job. Within each person there are a multitude of virus and bacteria living the leech represents a serious risk to others.

 The session site will be covered by absorbent material, it is expected and normal for discharge to occur. This is important for several reasons, the site needs to be flushed and cleaned from the inside, also waste produces from the tissue need to be removed. Discharge time varies from person to person depending site location and condition of the body but in general 4 to 24 hrs. The site may itch as sometimes the localized area is agitated by high concentration of proteins. Scratching should be avoided, the itching feeling will pass rather quickly 6hr to a day.  Scratching dose create a possibility of causing infection as dirt and bacteria are pushed under the skin.  Coverings should not be changed  too often as the scab sealing the site so healing can take place gets ripped off.

 Your therapist should have given you a contact number so you have questions you can get them answered.

 The medicinal substances the leech has provided to you last from a few hours to months in your body. Your therapist has placed the place the leeches at the best places research and experience has shown to be of most benefit but ultimately your body will  determine where the substances go and where they are used.

 Thank you and congratulations on improving your health.



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