Hirudotherapy Alberta
The Cordyceps cream is a true energy booster. Cordyceps is know to increase cellular oxygen
intake and can produce up to three times the mitochondria adp to atp conversion rate. So what
does this mean? For the person who has trouble breathing, relief. For the person with muscle pain,
relief (the chemicals in Cordyceps arrest the production of lactic acid - the burning effect from
working the muscles.
Cordyceps interacts with calcium ions, binding with them. So joint diseases can be repaired as the
buildup of calcium in the joint is dissolved and flushed from the system.       
Cordyceps cream has been used increase heat/ cold tolerance of hand and feet. In a leech therapy
session Cordyceps is not place close by the bite sites as it will increase the time discharge will
occur. I have personally used Cordyceps cream to reduce the time it takes me to do 3 miles on a
elliptical machine by two minutes. The cream can be used with people that are in a stressed
physiologically situation
Cordyceps Cream
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