Hirudotherapy Alberta
A new line of skin creams are being introduced in North America. These creams are designed to
work in conjunction with leech therapy, as such they contain only the required ingredients so no
preservatives, surfactants and other chemicals are used. Distribution of the creams is being done
though the American Huridothearpy Association. These creams are a world class breakthrough in
alternative health care. They have the capacity to accelerate and remedy health problems in record
Biotechnologie Hirudinée
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Turmeric - used after leech session: digestive disorder, facial treatments
Reishi - improves general overall health, reduces muscle and joint pain
Chaga - very powerful anti-oxidant
Cordyceps - increases cellular metabolism and oxygen intake (more muscle power)
Agarikon - reduces headaches and migraines in minutes

Other creams are available:  Turkey Tail, Lions Main, Golden Sun